Alejandra SabCac

I am Alejandra and I am a very active and curious person. For many years I have been interested in the different ways of relaxation that exist.

In 2017, I discovered meditation and got to know OSHO Active Meditations and trained as a facilitator with OSHO Aprender Meditación. Since then I have been contributing to the Osho world, participating as a helper in previous editions of the OSHO Festival and as a helper in the facilitator training, both a unique opportunity to get to know the Osho world.

Currently I regularly offer open sessions of OSHO Active Meditations in Andalucía.

In this search, I discovered Aqüaflow, a technique that is carried out in the aquatic environment and based and expanded by other existing techniques with which I have been working intensively since 2019.

Other complementary trainings: Metamorphic Technique, Foot Reflexology, Art Therapy.

During the Festival I will offer:

 Individual sessions of Aqüaflow.

The session lasts approximately 1 hour, divided into three stages:
A) contact and explanation of the session.
B) a session in the water between 20 and 35 minutes.
C) integration and sound body massage with Tibetan singing bowls. ✨

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