At Amalurra, nature embraces you during your stay and awakens your senses. Come and enjoy the uniqueness of a different kind of accommodation.

Located at the foot of Mount Kolitza, the Amalurra Hotel provides the ideal conditions for relaxation and enjoyment, encounter and work, play and leisure, rest and health.

The OSHO Festival is once again celebrated in the extraordinary setting of the natural resort Amalurra, located in Vizcaya, in one of the most beautiful and least known areas of the Basque Country, bordering Castile and Cantabria, at the foot of Mount Kolitza.

Amalurra is a great example of the result of combining the creative impulse, courage, and love of many individuals in a community experience. With its modern facilities, it will be the perfect setting to celebrate this gathering.

“ I am giving you a very fundamental, fresh, and unusual technique. And it is going to become a worldwide phenomenon, without any doubt, because its effects will show anyone that the person becomes younger, more loving, and full of grace. The person becomes more flexible, less fanatic; In short: more joyful and more festive. All this world needs is to deeply cleanse the heart of all inhibitions from the past.”.

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