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Dear friends.

You can purchase your tickets for the Festival here.

This year, for organizational purposes and with the intention of simplifying the process, you will finally be able to reserve your Festival ticket in a single package that includes entry and participation in all Festival activities, as well as your choice of accommodation and all meals from Thursday, August 10th dinner until Sunday, August 13th lunch.

The first activities on Thursday will start at 4:00 pm. Those of you who have participated in previous editions of the OSHO Festival in Amalurra know about the beauty and harmony of the surroundings, the level of the cuisine, the impeccable meditation rooms, and the dedication and affection of the team.

The packages are set up according to the different accommodations, since the price of admission and meals is the same for all participants. We hope that this range will allow you to find the most suitable format for your budget and availability so that we can have the highest number of participants possible and make the Festival a success in every way.

Reservation + Festival Packages

Accommodation + Full board:
From Thursday 10th dinner to Sunday 13th lunch

From 4 pm on Thursday 10th until Sunday 13th you can participate in all the program activities with Spanish and English translation.


Full board + Entry:
From Thursday 10th dinner to Sunday 13th lunch.
Total Pack: 750€ per person.


Full board + Entry:
From dinner on Thursday 10th to lunch on Sunday 13th.
Total Pack: 700€ per person.


Full board + Entry:
From dinner on Thursday 10th to lunch on Sunday 13th.
Total Pack: 650€ per person.


Full board + Entry:
From dinner on Thursday 10th to lunch on Sunday 13th.
Total Pack: 580€ per person.

  • I do not have any physical or mental illness that could interfere with my participation in the festival activities.
  • I am aware that I am not allowed to take ANY type of drugs or alcohol on the festival premises.
  • By submitting this form, I release the organization from any physical or emotional incident that may occur during the festival.
  • I understand that my bedroom/living room preference will be taken into account, but that beds within apartments are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • I agree not to take photos or videos during the workshops and meditations without the prior written agreement of the organization.
  • I am aware that photos and videos will be taken during the festival, only in certain activities and always with the option to participate or not, and only for internal use and promotion of future festivals.
  • The Festival organization reserves the right to change the program, list of facilitators, musicians and guest speakers without prior notice, according to possible external circumstances beyond our control.
  • In no case can any change in the aforementioned elements lead to any compensation by the Festival. COVID-19 NOTE: The venue and festival organizers are strictly following the rules on Covid-19 restrictions. These rules are changed by government officials every 2 months. We will inform you about the valid requirements closer to the festival start date. It will be the attendee’s responsibility to comply with the requirements (whether it is a vaccination certificate, testing, or other requirements).
  • Inability to comply with these requirements will not be a valid reason for requesting a refund of purchased tickets.
  • All deposit payments are non-refundable unless for justified cause.
  • If for any reason the Festival is postponed to a different date (or year), all purchased tickets will be postponed to the new Festival dates. If for any reason the Festival is canceled (and not postponed), purchased tickets will be fully refunded.

"I am giving you a very fundamental, fresh, and unusual technique. And it will become a worldwide phenomenon, without any doubt, because its effects will show anyone that the person becomes younger, more loving, and full of grace. The person becomes more flexible, less fanatical; in short: more joyful and more festive. All that this world needs is to deeply cleanse the heart of all the inhibitions of the past."

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