Camilla Korte

Camilla has studied pedagogics, philosophy and art, while working, meditating and learning in OSHO communities around the world for the last ten years. During her studies and career as an artist, she slowly became more and more interested in finding ways to share art as an experience, rather than an exhibition or a finished work. Combining her academic experience with taking inspirations from OSHO Art Therapy, OSHO Meditative Therapies and a variety of meditative, movement and healing modalities she created workshops and events that explore the healing power of creativity.

During the Festival she will present:

Letting the Colors Play

Images and Colors are the language of our unconscious and can touch us much deeper than words. When we paint we use this language to meet ourselves, to integrate and to open new doors of self expression.
A session can be deep, funny, wild, soft, meditative and exuberant – sometimes all of these things at once.
Through experimenting with colors and ourselves we can re-connect to our innocent creativity, the one that was so natural to us when we were children.
If you are already an artist, new ideas, new energies and new inspirations can emerge through exercises and groupwork.
And if you have not painted since you were a child, if you feel blocked or insecure about expressing through images … this might be open a pathway to find back to the joy of playing with colors.

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