No-Mind Meditation & Heart Dance

He have been in contact with Osho’s vision since 1983. During the eighties and nineties,
he participated in many of the community experiments that arose around him and he had the opportunity
to experiment and train with various methods of transpersonal therapy, and meditation techniques on the buddhafield.
He is a trainer of “OSHO Active Meditations” by OSHO Multiversity and facilitator
of OSHO Meditative Therapies, “No-Mind” and “Born Again”.
He have been dedicated, for years, to the translation and publication of Osho’s work in Spanish. He is the director of
OSHOAprenderMeditación, the platform organaizing the OSHO Festival.

During the Festival it will offer:

Meditative Therapies Demonstration sessions
No-Mind OSHO

Would you like to know what it feels like to talk a whole hour in a language?
What do you not know and then be an hour in silence? Have you ever tried to empty your mind?
Would you know how to do it?

OSHO Heart Dance

A meditation inspired by a very old Sufi tradition in which we totally lose ourselves while we remain present.
While we sing and dance we connect with our companions and simultaneously, with the silence and peace that resides within us. Celebrative!

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