What is an individual session?

The opportunity to receive a relaxing massage, make energy rebalance, take a “coaching” session, or enjoy the magic of a tea ceremony. Sessions all that will help you to tune in and heal, helping you to return to the present, or just to enjoy.

How does it work?

The sessions are not included in the entrance of the Festival but they are a unique opportunity to discover new aspects of you with the help of great professionals.

Upon arrival at the Festival at the information point you will have a list of available sessions with their description, prices and free time so you can make your reservation.

There will also be someone to advise you and help you decide.

We will wait for you!

“The modern human being is a very new phenomenon. No traditional method can be used as they are, because the human being of today has never existed before. That is why, in a way, all traditional methods have become irrelevant. Their spirit is not irrelevant, but their form has become irrelevant because it is a new human being.”

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