Nartan offers readings and trainings of intuitive energy readings of Akashic Records internationally, she accompanies and trains people in Conscious Breathing with Rebirthing-Breathwork and is a facilitator of Family Constellations and Experiential Human Design. She has been trained as an Osho Vision Therapist with Svagito Liebermeister and Vedanta Suravi, with whom she has collaborated for more than 14 years.

Since 2020 she lives and is trained as a therapist and facilitator of social meditations such as AUM or Sacred Earth at the Osho Humaniversity in the Netherlands.

She is passionate about Women’s Circles and loves supporting other women to generate new circles. She has created the Tarot of Messages based on Akashic Record channelings. She enthusiastically shares about personal growth and spiritual development topics through radio and her website.

During the Festival she will present:


The AUM Meditation is a social meditation developed by Veeresh of the Osho Humaniversity in the Netherlands in which you connect with different emotions. It is an hour and a half journey (in the Mini AUM version) through 13 different emotional states: anger, forgiveness, love, madness, dance, crying, laughter, sensuality, communion, centering, silence, etc. It is a group meditation, with movement, music and social interaction.

The Sacred Earth Meditation is a social meditation developed by Veeresh of the Osho Humaniversity in the Netherlands. It is a one-hour meditation with music and movement, in which you will connect with Mother Nature and with your body, as a way to heal your relationship with your environment and with yourself.

INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS: Intuitive energy readings
30 minute individual session dedicated to help you connect with your intuition and your own Inner Voice. Discover how what your heart whispers to you has a reflection outside, so this experience will make you trust yourself and your internal compass more. Beyond the polyphony of parental voices, conditioning, your tyrants and internal judges, your shoulds, etc. Beyond all that is the deep voice of your heart. Do not miss your appointment with yourself.
The sessions will be recorded and later sent to the person.

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