Noemí Nemirovsky

Living Your Design

Co-founder of the School of Systemic Movement, exploration and intuition
have been the driving force of Noemi’s life. She trained in Family Constellations
with Svagito Liebermeister and Vedanta Suravi, holds a Master’s degree in Systemic Psychology – International Training in Family Constellations
by Hellinger Sciencia -Cudec – Zentrum and a diploma in Coaching and Systemic Interventions
in Organizations endorsed by Bert Hellinger Institut Nederland.

Currently, he accompanies therapeutic processes using the tools learned in his training path.

Since 2011 he is an analyst at Neo Diseño Humano.

Since 2018 she is a facilitator of Active Meditations – OSHO.

Co-organizer of the Osho Festival in Amalurra.

A valuable previous experience gathered as director of film production in Argentina,
making international co-productions, has served to handle with delicacy and discretion a large part of the invisible
threads and organizational tasks that make this Festival posible.

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