The OSHO Festival is a meeting of people with a common interest in meditation and is inspired by the vision of Osho, the contemporary mystic, of a new conscious humanity, centred around values such as creativity, the development of consciousness and the human being in all his potential.

The Festival is held annually and this year offers its first online edition using the technique so we all are able to enjoy this magical meeting.

If you are coming for the first time the Festival is an opportunity to get to know and practice the OSHO Active Meditations, enjoy concerts with live music and also to meet friends and meditators from all over the world.

How can you participate?

You just have to buy your ticket for the Festival in the buy tickets section of this page.
The prices are 80€ Taxes included for the total duration of the three days of the Festival for Spain and countries in Europe
with a similar time slot. You can also attend a single day of your choice for 40€ Taxes included.

If you start on Friday and decide to continue
for the rest of the Festival you only need to complete the payment up to the total value.
For America latina, India and countries with different time slots the price is 40€ Taxes included for
the whole Festival, and 15€ Taxes included for one day only.

Payment Methods:

PayPal and/or Visa Card.

How does Zoom work?

It is an online platform that allows you to organize live meetings during which
participants can share video and audio and when activity requires it interact or communicate with each other.

After getting your ticket you will have to complete a simple registration on the OSHO Festival ZOOM page
in order to receive the ticket links for the three days of the Festival, if you have bought the full ticket
according to your ticket, or the day you have chosen.

As in previous editions of the Festival all activities will be presented in Spanish with
simultaneous translation into English. There is the possibility of translation
into other languages on request depending on the activities.


 ✅ The festival opens its doors on Friday 14th August at 17:3
and the first activity will start at 18:00.

✅ The festival ends on Sunday at 22:00 Central European Time.

✅ The doors will open at 6:30 in the morning and the first Meditation,
the OSHO dynamic, will begin at 7:00.

✅ For more information about program and timetables
please consult the program


the activities are adapted to the timetable in Spain which is the European Central Time (CET).
If you are going to participate from somewhere in Latin America or elsewhere in the world with
a different time zone, you will have to figure it out before confirming your attendance.

How can I best enjoy the Festival?
If you are going to attend from your home you need a computer, a tablet or a mobile phone from which you can connect. If you want to optimize your experience in the Festival we suggest you connect any of your devices to an external audio system, or a small Bluetooth speaker would be enough, to facilitate your immersion in the meditations and activities. As for the image, if you have Apple TV or another home cinema or projection system, it could also be a good idea to connect it, although a normal device is sufficient.

Get in CONTACT with us and we will explain everything.
WhatsApp +34 661 50 05 98

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