Originally from Israel, now living in the Czech Republic with my partner. Following the path of Osho and Meditation for more than a decade, a disciple of love and a facilitator of transformative spaces. Certified leader of OSHO Meditations Facilitators Training (OMIDAF), OSHO No-Mind Process, Veeresh Social Meditations, and a graduate of the Osho Risk Training program in Denmark.

I’m also a certified Holistic Counselor, Shamanic Wisdom Practitioner, and occasionally a DJ for celebrative dance events and spaces for energetic natural movement.

This journey of exploration into the spiritual and alternative realms has led me to many different directions in the Osho world and others, learning from some of the best teachers on the way.

My work is all about supporting fellow travelers to connect with their inner being and softness, opening up to a brighter and braver reality, and creating healthier relationships with themselves, their body and their surroundings.

During the OSHO Festival I will offer Osho meditations and a workshop about healthy boundaries, and quite possibly a space for celebration of the body 🙂

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