Born in France, nomad of life, deeply connected since childhood with the spiritual search, Robert is a therapist, Rebirthing-Breathwork practitioner, facilitator of Systemic Constellations and specialist in Healing of Trauma and Pre and Perinatal Shock.

He works in individual consultation, teaches workshops, has participated in the organization of various congresses and meetings of Breathwork professionals nationally and internationally, collaborates in various trainings and loves to keep learning, passionate about the growth of the person and celebrating the magic of life.

Robert and his partner Dorotea have developed together a work that combines the Rebirthing approach, the systemic approach and the specific approach to shock and pre- and perinatal trauma. Both are creators of the “Natal Script Constellations”, a powerful healing tool specifically dedicated to explore and integrate pre- and perinatal memories.

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Robert and Dorotea came as participants to the 2019 edition of the OSHO Festival and this year we have invited them to share with us their work in this new edition.

During the Festival they will offer

A sample of this work, inviting you, through different dynamics, to explore and heal the field of your early life memories and to reconnect with your inner baby to say Yes to Life.

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