Samarpan. Human Design System.

I feel simply a human being who has dedicated his life to healing and spirituality,
remembering the eternal and the path has led me to meet and meet or share with wonderful people – who have introduced me to places (spaces)
and times where Meditation, Therapy, and certain Systems of understanding are developed such as Human Design,
body care or the Art that I go through and share.

Samarpan Vicente is a Human Design Analyst and System Introducer in his “Live Your Design” Course.

About Human Design System

Welcome home. Welcome to the Adventure of being yourself. The Mechanics of the Maya.
The Human Design offers a mechanical understanding of the nature of being and the world (of how life and the world work). Supporting us as individuals, in the journey of life.
The Science of Differentiation Each human being is unique. Love yourself.

Human Design opens the doors to the potential of self-love, love of life, and love of others through understanding.
Ra Huru Hu

As soon as you begin to accept and respect yourself, you begin to become whole.
There is no longer anything that divides you, there is nothing that creates separation.


Individual Sessions

Individual readings The Human Design System contains a density of knowledge so broad in its structure that it can never be transmitted or absorbed in a single session.
There are many ways to get into the transmission of information, and our own process of maturation.
The simplest and most necessary is to introduce ourselves to the keys of our own nature and authority. To walk a life in love to ourselves and humility … a life without guilt and free.
My intention is to provide ourselves with the tuning of a human – educational and healing support – in our sharing and transmission way. For this, only the temporal space data of your coming to Earth is required – as an individual – the date of your birth, the time and place. Circumstances are already part of an even deeper mystery – in the game of your life.

You will find more information about Samarpan and his individual seesions during the Festival on arrival.

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