Sophia Hennessy, (Satori): Vocals, Guitar, Mistress of Ceremonies. Satori is a singer and yogini, touched and carried by mantras and sacred songs, she begins by singing for her students in her Yoga classes during meditation or ceremonies then on stage during Osho festivals, or in churches, with her beloved she sets up the duo “Satori & Sargam” . She opens with her soft and deep voice, songs of medicine, songs of love, consciousness and joy. She also composes songs in Spanish and French.

Sargam Marie-Dit-Asse, Multi-instrumentalist and composer. Guitars, Oud, Sitar, Ukulele, Greek Bouzouki. For 25 years, Sargam has dedicated his life to music and meditation. In his many trips to India, he practiced the meditations of master Osho and learned the sitar and Indian music. Since then he has created a bridge between music and meditation. Sargam plays with finesse on the sensitive chord.

During the Festival they will offer:

“The dance of the 7 chakras” is a musical meditative experience that invites people to travel inside himself. This practice involves focusing on the various chakras, or energy centers, located in the human body, while enjoying music on stage by professional musicians.

During this collective experience, participants are invited to immerse themselves in this sensorial experience connecting body and mind, using movement and breath to energize and harmonize. You will enjoy dancing and singing to this original repertoire accompanied with sitar, oud, guitar, bells, Tibetan bowl and voice.

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