Satsanga. Inner Man – Inner Woman & Ritual Of The Senses - OSHO Festival Spain 2023 - La Fiesta de la Meditación


Inner Man – Inner Woman & Ritual Of The Senses

Satsanga teaches workshops at the OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune, India.
She has worked in many countries around the world and is an experienced group-leader and counselor on the subjects
of Inner Man/Inner Woman and Shadow-Work and Healing the Heart.
Satsanga is also a sensitive and experienced body worker and massage therapist, trained in different techniques.
She has worked with people and touch for more then twenty-five years.


Inner Man – Inner Woman

A mysterious being lives inside you. And you may have never met.
As a woman, have you ever met your Inner Man? As a man, have you ever met your Inner Woman?
Inner Man, Inner Woman is an exploration of your male and your female side.
We tune into our Inner Man discover him and give him space to live and roam the world.
We reconnect with our Inner
Woman and give her time to be in touch with her female qualities – connecting to feelings, to the heart,
to relaxation and meditation.

Ritual of the Senses

(Evening Event): Satsanga & Ganga
Have you ever smelled something familiar and suddenly you were flooded with a powerful memory?
Have you ever explored eating a peach or an olive with you eyes closed?
Are you longing to reconnect with pleasure and sensuousness unspoiled by thought or talk?
This is an ancient tantric ritual to heighten your awareness of the senses; touch, sound, smell and taste.
It is a celebration of love, beauty and sensitivity. Enjoy and be surprised.

Individual Sessions:

Massage for Relaxation
Massage combined with Reconnective Healing
Reconnective Healing, Inner Man – Inner Woman – Individual Sessions

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