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Dear friends, after the long hiatus caused by three years of pandemic and global change, we are getting in touch with all of you again to announce that we are preparing a new edition of the OSHO Festival in Amalurra, which will take place on August 10th, 11th, 12th, and 13th, where we can meet again and continue meditating and celebrating in the spirit that is the very essence of our festival.

Welcome to the Osho Festival!

Days to enjoy a collective experiment, where you can relax, let go and discover new facets of yourself in an atmosphere of trust and consciousness.

Get ready to enjoy OSHO Active Meditations, Meditative Therapies, Creative Workshops, and Consciousness Exercises for Daily Life. All of it led by expert international facilitators who will transmit their enthusiasm and loving presence. In addition, live music and creative arts will be the perfect complement.

The Osho Festival is the ideal place to meet old friends, make new ones, and connect with seekers in an unforgettable location in the heart of the Basque Country.

Book your dates now and stay tuned for registrations that we will open soon!

We are waiting for you with love!

Frequently Asked Questions about the OSHO Festival

An OSHO Festival is an annual or biannual gathering centered around Osho’s vision of a more fulfilling life, focused on meditation, creativity, and a celebratory approach to life. The program and activities comprising the festival, along with the collective effort of many in its organization, create an opportunity to immerse oneself in the atmosphere of meditation for a few days. The OSHO Festival emphasizes the individual participant’s experience, with everything designed as an opportunity for consciousness and enjoyment.

“I am here to seduce you into loving life; to help you become a little more poetic; to help you die to the mundane and the ordinary so that the extraordinary explodes in your life.” – Osho

Osho is a contemporary mystic whose teachings defy classification, encompassing everything from individual existential quests to pressing social and political issues of today’s society. His books are not written but transcribed from recorded audio and video of his spontaneous talks given to an international audience. As he himself says, “Remember: whatever I am saying is not only for you… I am also speaking to future generations.”

Regarding his own work, Osho has stated that he is helping to create the conditions for the birth of a new kind of human being. He often characterizes this new human being as “Zorba the Buddha,” capable of enjoying the earthly pleasures like Zorba the Greek and the silent serenity of Gautama the Buddha. Throughout Osho’s work, there is a unifying vision that encompasses the timeless wisdom of the East and the highest potential of Western science and technology.

Osho is also renowned for his revolutionary contribution to the science of inner transformation, offering an approach to meditation that takes into account the fast pace of contemporary life. His unique meditations are designed to first release accumulated tensions in the body and mind, making it easier to experience the relaxed and thought-free state of meditation.

No. The Festival is an opportunity for you to firsthand experience and explore meditation. The program is designed with a blend of Active Meditations and practical workshops suitable for people of all levels. Prior to starting any activity, instructions will be provided so that you can participate in Spanish with English translation.

The program combines OSHO® Active Meditations, workshops on various subjects such as tantra, family constellations, body awareness, creative arts, live music, dance, singing, and play in nature. Activities often occur simultaneously, inviting you to flow from one activity to another and learn the magic of going with the flow.

You will also have the opportunity to personally experience the revolutionary OSHO® Meditative Therapies in demonstration sessions, as well as some of the social meditations from OSHO Humaniversity in the Netherlands, such as the AUM Meditation.

As a complement, you will have the chance to participate in different individual sessions, including counseling, tarot readings, massages, energy readings, human design, acuabalancing, and a long list of options that you can find in the program.

Music and creativity play a vital role in the Festival, and this year we will have the OSHO Festival Band, who will offer concerts and provide live music during some of the meditations and gathering moments, both during the day and at night.

Activities start at 7:00 am with the OSHO Dynamic Meditation and continue until 11:30 pm at night. You can check the agenda section prior to the start of the Festival for more details.

Please refer to the corresponding section on our website where you will find precise directions. Here

The Festival program is designed to be experienced in its entirety, but if it is not possible for you to attend all four days, you have the opportunity to attend individual days depending on the limited availability of spots.

🌿 You will need to bring your ID card, passport, or identification document to register at your accommodation upon arrival at the Festival.

🌿 Comfortable clothing and some warm layers. Despite being in August, we are surrounded by nature, and the nights can be cool, with a possibility of some raindrops.

🌿 If you play a musical instrument such as a guitar, drums, accordion, saxophone, please bring it with you. During the Festival, you will have opportunities to play, either during the Friday night of creativity or at other times.

🌿 A cushion and/or mat that you use for meditation or exercises.

🌿 Bring comfortable shoes, and if you need them, socks for walking inside the meditation halls.

🌿 A scarf to cover your eyes and/or a sleep mask (some workshops involve blindfolding).

🌿 Earplugs (if you need them for sleeping).

🌿 Reusable water bottle.

🌿 A hat or cap as a complement to your sunscreen.

🌿 Above all, bring a lot of enthusiasm to enjoy, laugh, cry, and have a great time.

The OSHO Festival is primarily aimed at adults and does not have specific activities or designated areas for children. However, minors are allowed to attend if they are accompanied by their parents or legal guardians. It is recommended to contact the festival organizers before purchasing tickets to inquire about any specific guidelines or requirements regarding minors attending the event.

Can I bring my pet?

That sounds great. You have the freedom to choose the activities that inspire you the most. You will meet other people with similar interests who have often come to enjoy the Festival without companions as well. It’s an ideal opportunity to connect and socialize.

There will be an area dedicated to the exhibition and sale of books, music, and items related to Osho. There will also be an area where you can leave your advertising or display your products or crafts related to the theme of the festival. However, please consult with the organizers beforehand for more information and to arrange any necessary arrangements.

Taking photos during workshops, meditations, or program activities is specifically prohibited to protect the privacy of participants and to ensure that you are not distracted from the activity in which you have chosen to participate.

La organización se reserva el derecho de sacar imágenes durante las actividades para promocionar futuros eventos y para el archivo del Festival. Una selección revisada se compartirá en redes sociales.
Se puede hacer fotos en espacios abiertos, en los momentos de descanso, recreo y en los conciertos nocturnos. En caso de duda consultar por favor con la organización.

Please follow this link to learn about the types of accommodation: ➡️ Link to OSHO Festival Accommodation

Please follow this link to learn about the prices and what is included in the Festival tickets:

➡️ Link to OSHO Festival Tickets

«I teach you to live, i teach you to love, i teach you to meditate. All mean the same: to be present.»


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