Osho Meditative Therapies

“I am living you a very fundamental technique, fresh and unused. And it is going to become Worldwide, without any doubt, because its effects will show anybody that the person has become younger, the person has become more living, the person has become graceful.
The person has become more flexible, less fanatic; the person has become more joyful, more a celebrant. All that this world needs is a good cleansing of the heart to all the inhibitions of the past”.


During the Festival you will have the opportunity to participate in demos sessions of this four meditative process

The perspective of Osho about therapy is that it can not be the ultimate solution to the human problems, but it can be used as a tool that will help us to prepare the ground for meditation.

Based on this understanding he has scientifically created a series of “meditative therapies” that give the participants the opportunity to dissolve their tensions and repressions that are an obstacle to sit in silence and wach the mind that has created the problems in the first place.

Uniquely simple and effective, these energetic methods involve a minimum of interaction amongst the participants, but the energy of the group and the presence of a trained facilitator help each individual go more deeply into his or her own process. No “therapist” is required, but only a facilitator who has gone through the process and has been trained in conducting it.

The first three Meditative Therapies OSHO are processes radically expressive that lead you to a final stage of silences and self awareness:

These meditative processes are:

The fourth is a guided process to activate the self-healing potentials of the body-mind and to make friends with our selves and it’s called:

OSHO Reminding Yourself The Forgotten Language of Talking to Your BodyMind.

That we ordinarily refer as





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