OSHO Active Meditations

“People ask me why I teach active meditations: it is the only way to find inaction.
Dance to the uttermost, dance in a frenzy, dance madly, and if your whole energy is
involved in it, a moment comes when suddenly you see the dance is happening on its
own – there is no effort in it.
It is action without action”


OSHO Active Meditations are simple and revolutionary meditation techniques that will allow you to know and get familiar with an authentic sense of relaxation, to discovery and explore new facets of your being. Its practice will help you to feel better and to improve you life quality.

All of them have been scientifically design to make easier for contemporary human being to have taste of meditation

On the Festival you will be able to participate during the whole day in different meditations. Most of them have one-hour duration and they are divided in different phases. They start with activity, sometimes intense and physical, followed by inaction, stillness. Some of the meditations are recommended for particular times of the day. All are accompanied by music that has been especially composed to support the different stages.

OSHO Active Meditations list:

For more information and instructions about each of the meditations click over the links. *OSHO Active Meditation instructions in English courtesy of oshomeditationstudio.com – Berlin-.

“Modern man is a very new phenomenon. No traditional method can be used exactly as it exists, because modern man never existed before. So in a way, all traditional methods have become irrelevant. Their spirit is not irrelevant, but their form has become irrelevant because this man is new.”


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