Prem Ganga met OSHO at a very young age.
He was only seventeen when OSHO asked him to run the OSHO Center in his hometown, Nairobi in Kenya.
Now he has been contributing and working in the world of OSHO and in the marketplace for almost 45 years.
Ganga is highly skilled in running and facilitating meditations and meditation events combining
them with painting and celebration. In the festival you will get a taste of his expertise and knowing
in all areas concerned with meditation. A combination of self experiencing and trainings in various modalities
he creates a unique creative approach to allow for the experience as OSHO describes below:

Meditation creates the catalytic agent, A totally silent mind,
a totally relaxed body with no tensions,
a totally empty heart with no moods, no feelings, no sentiments. No emotions and then simply WAIT in this silence,
serenity just wait and out of nowhere something explodes in you yes an explosion of light,
of love of tremendous bliss which remains with you forever.
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