Stasavya has 35 years of experience with OSHO Active Meditations and is a certified facilitator for the OSHO Meditative Therapies. Meditation is an indispensable support in her work. 

She is passionate about the ease and effectiveness of Dr. Milton Trager’s somatic bodywork. Certified in 2004, she leads a successful Trager® Practice in Holland that has been transforming and inspiring many towards a balanced and healthy life. Gifted with a holistic touch, joy, and love, she is here to listen to you, to support you and respect your unique way of coming home. As a certified hypnotist she uses hypnosis to support and accelerate the BodyMind healing process.

During the Festival she will offer:

Morning Classes, and the workshop “Jumping into health” and individual sessions Trager massage.

Morning Class
Freedom, Lightness and Joy for your BodyMind

The class consists of a series of gentle playful movements that allow you to release stress and tension. You will rediscover your natural posture. You will learn to use the body without unnecessary muscle tension so that you can move in a pain- free, energetic and smooth way. The key is relaxing and moving naturally. 

Postural re-education is the basis for healing chronic pain and discomfort of your body and mind as well as preventing it.

 It is simple, effective and life changing!

Event: OSHO Jump into health

“Begin with the body because right now the body is the purest thing in you.”  Osho

Learn to achieve and maintain a healthy balance and abundant energy

An exploration of the rich interplay of body, mind, movement and consciousness. An opportunity to reconnect with your body using conscious connected movement, centering, dance and meditation. 

This process helps your nervous system to rewire, allowing a new flexibility and deeper relaxation. This adventure in conscious, connected movement will allow you to become more grounded and to start living in natural relaxed alignment. 

Individual Sessions:

 The Trager® session

This gentle, non-intrusive process helps to release deep-seated physical and mental patterns, enabling thereby deep relaxation, increasing physical mobility and mental clarity.

A Trager® Treatment combines touch therapy on the massage table and Mentastics® movement re-education.

Gentle touch and specific movements helps body tensions, pain, stiffness and emotional blocks to be released. As a result, you experience deep relaxation.  A new imprint is left in the nervous system of how deeply relaxed, stress and pain free you now can be.

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